Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tragedy in Cambodia

"Cambodia declares a day of mourning for at least 345 people killed in a stampede during festival celebrations in the capital, Phnom Penh."
Link to the BBC news
I am asking myself, why there is so much suffering and sorrow in this small, beautiful country with nice warm-hearthed people?

Why the nightmare of the Khmer-Rouge? Why the American bombs? Why the landmines and the thousands people with missing legs and arms? Why the povetry and the high percentage of childrens death? Why the corruption and selling out the country to foreign corporations? Why?

Is this the Kingdom of Wonders, like in this old story?
"Cambodia came into being, so the story goes, through the union of a princess and a foreigner. The foreigner was an Indian Brahman named Kaundinya and the princess was the daughter of a dragon king who ruled over a watery land. One day, as Kaundinya sailed by the princess paddled out in a boat to greet him. Kaundinya shot and arrow from his magic bow into her boat, causing the fearful princess to agree to marriage. In need of a dowry, her father drank up the waters of his land and presented them to Kaundinya to rule over. The new kingdom was named Kambuja."

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