Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cambodia - Kingdom of Wonders

Cambodia came into being, so the story goes, through the union of a princess and a foreigner. The foreigner was an Indian Brahman named Kaundinya and the princess was the daughter of a dragon king who ruled over a watery land. One day, as Kaundinya sailed by the princess paddled out in a boat to greet him. Kaundinya shot and arrow from his magic bow into her boat, causing the fearful princess to agree to marriage. In need of a dowry, her father drank up the waters of his land and presented them to Kaundinya to rule over. The new kingdom was named Kambuja.


flower fairy said...

such a beautiful story... there's always water and wonders around you :)) we fairies love it - that's what we're made of ;)
your aura must be in the octarine, my green-eyed foreigner :)))

lenamila said...

Октарина е Осмия цвят от дъгата - Цвета на Магията. Единствено индивиди с висока чувствителност към магичното (вещици, магьосници, елфи, дракони, богове, антропоморфни персонификации и др.) могат да го доловят. Което си е голяма загуба, защото всъщност целият Диск се къпе в Октаринова светлина, но кой ти гледа?

Anonymous said...

Blog more cats, tigers and other felines, boy! :P

maria georgieva