Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Favorite Movies

Into the Wild
Sleeping Dictionary 08.02.2008
Fan Chan (my girl) Summer.2005
Valley of Flowers
Fight Club 2000

Nim's Island: малкото момиче Ним живее заедно с баща си морски биолог на малък приказен остров.... Бащата е застигнат от буря в морето, появяват се и лошите корсари, които искат да превърнат острова в Ресорт. Ним вика на помощ Алекс Роувър - безстрашния герой....

За гледане:
"Fenomenat Vera"
3) Act Normal Thai Buddhism

This 2-disc Collector's Edition of Into The Wild is mostly in the service of presenting a pristine transfer of the lengthy film. Extras on disc two consist of two featurettes and the original trailer. Featurette one, Into The Wild; The Story, The Characters is 21 minutes worth of interviews with actors, Penn, Krakauer, and varying bits of behind the scenes footage used mostly as a backdrop for the interviews, rather than for giving us a look at production methods. Focus is on the real story of McCandless, his character and possible motivations, as well as both Krakauer and Penn's respective journeys in bringing McCandless's story to the public. Additionally attention is given to how the people McCandless met are brought to life, from casting to direction. It's an engaging and too-short look. Next is Into The Wild: The Experience, 17 minutes of talk with the same individuals from the first feature, this time examining what goes into 8-months of filming over 30 different locations, and how that filming in practice mimicked McCandless's rough-and-tumble experiences - also enthralling subject matter, and also too short.

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